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About Eddy Hill

Eddy is a two time winner of the prestigious “Speaker of the Year” award from the international Awards and Recognition Association. Eddy is known as the “master of motivation”. He is a natural cheerleader who inspires his audience with massive energy, humor and a message of “inspiration, motivation and perspiration”. Eddy’s core message is achieving professional and personal success through following the proven habits and techniques of the highly successful.

He blends his knowledge of practical business and life principles, with universal spiritual principles that allow us to live a more joyful, happy and prosperous life. The bottom line is, “get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want”. Eddy’s message and stories are truly inspiring, funny and to the point.

All speeches are catered directly to your audience!
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What is Offered

Eddy has spent the last decade entrenched in the “Employee Engagement” movement. 2/3 of all employees are at least partially disengaged and that is a massive problem in today’s workforce. All small businesses need to learn how to engage their employees. Eddy has several speeches catering to the topic of Employee Motivation and Engagement.

Corporate Management

1. Recognition IS Rewarding
2. Hierarchy of Needs For Employees
3. 7 “AL’s” The Balanced Life
4. New School Sales (Sales Training and Motivation)
5. Ignite Your Employees
6. Carrot, Stick, Side of Ranch
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Small Business Training

1. Digital Marketing For the Small Business
2. Marketing Funnels for SMB’s
3. Be Direct, Hit Your Target Market
4. Ignite Your Brand
5. Keep Em’ Coming Back For More
6. Reputation Marketing
7. New School Selling
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Campus / University

1. Land Your Dream Job
2. It’s Not About You or Your Resume
3. Success is in the Eye Of the Beholder
4. Two Best Days to Start
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4 Reasons to book Eddy Hill


1. Truly Dynamic Speaker
Every speech is customized to directly talk to your audience and Eddy will teach a truly applicable message that will motivate, inspire and incite your audience and they will certainly Laugh and Learn!

2. A Life-Changing Message
Eddy mixes enthusiasm and humor with motivational stories to deliver a very high content message that will surely “Empower Your Audience to Achieve Extraordinary Results!”

3. Experienced Speaker (Makes Your Job Easier)
Eddy has delivered more than 500 motivational presentations for events nationwide, and he was named “Speaker of the Year” twice by the international Awards and Recognition Association.  Eddy delivers over 40 motivational speaches, keynotes, breakout sessions and/or in depth coaching every year.

4. Successful Businessman
Eddy his wife Tami own two highly successful small businesses in Pensacola, FL. Eddy uses these experiences to teach powerful messages that can be immediately applied to any business professional.


Contact Eddy Hill

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