“I’m not a polished, slick speaker. I still say some um’s and ahh’s but i’m getting better. What I am is real. I relate, I engage, I inspire, I incite action, I sometimes make the audience laugh, and I promise you I will leave them much better then I found them.” ~Eddy Hill

Eddy is great! Fun - Energetic - Interesting

Excellent Speaker!! Great Seminar. Thank you

Awesome!! Fantastic!!

Great suggestions, Excited to Implement

Eddy is a good speaker, very eloquent. Always has good, common sense, actionable ideas that is easy to implement.

Captivating Speaker

Great energy, well presented, excellent presentation!

Fun and engaging, I learned a ton!

Great ideas, awesome presentation, funny jokes

Great Energy, Well Presented, Excellent Presentation


Loved the presentation and energy!

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# of 2-4 Stars

# of 1 Star Ratings (Reason: Bad jokes, speaks too fast)